Friday, 20 January 2012

My Heart Smiling Again

Those were times that I felt my presence become a burden to the other. Honestly, I am totally upset to myself. I have to behave this way to carry up the responsibility given. I have to become someone else in terms of myself. I left my old self behind. That even makes me feel lonely on this road of responsibility. The loneliness totally scratches me inside but I have no other choice because I thought this way would make a different for this semester. I'm not enjoy meeting people with this 'Amal'. sometimes, I meet some of them because I had to. I felt that they felt the same things too. Then the ending of it is with those words that might hurt their feelings. Since then, I prefer to keep silence.

These last few days, I felt my day was brighten up by someone. He is someone that close to my heart..   

He always makes me smile and sometimes laugh with his own unique ways whenever we meet.

Alhamdulillah. It relieve my level of stress a little

Thanks for being a role in my life story. 


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