Monday, 10 April 2017

Dinner or Training?

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and Hi.

It's been so long since my last view on my Roda Coklat Blog. I realized I'm not so active writing a post as before, maybe since I stop writing my diary while in the meantime, I got Instagram. Hahaha. But today, here I am. Crawling back to my Roda Coklat blog with my messy mind. I can't bear alone in this thoughts. But I don't have someone to tell what's going on my mind either which not important and may sound irrelevent to be confused about. Thank god, I'm much comfortable in expressing myself through writing. Well, I'm not good in having conversation and speaker. I can be running out an idea to continue the conversation and I think I'm a boring person to talk to. Some rather look on their phone as I talking, honestly, that's broke my confidence to speaking longer. Ok, enough with the flowery introduction.^^

Last week, an announce had been made in our group class's whatsapp. There will be a dinner for PPK Pembuatan in two weeks. I bet it will be held on Saturday night, as common dinner night time would be held. I would love to go to the dinner. However, something was bothering me. Saturday night? Isn't that Taekwondo training class also on saturday night? I miss meeting my friends from the taekwondo class. However, this dinner will be my last dinner with PPKP. 

Well, I firstly joined last year PPKP dinner and I end up sitting at a table with my seniors because I didn't find and recognized my housemate during entering the hall. Although, I'm the only girl in that table, lucky, I know some of the seniors, some of them were my Fencing Club members and some I know during the MASUM  while the others are their friends. We get along just fine, and I fine with that. Maybe it would happen naturally to those who do sport activities together, they can just be sporting. Since in the Fencing Club, we often do some fun game together in group. I guess that's why I comfortable being around them.

The Taekwondo training class, it's not like I'm taking any belt upgrading this semester. I just enjoy doing the training with others members which quite good together. Kind of activities that releasing the study burdens on my shoulder even for a moment. This semester, the members are very sporting. I'm also meeting friends from our SUKIPT team. Memories~ At the meantime, I'm getting know some new friends too. Oh ya, most of them are my junior. Well, I ain't getting any younger, right? Hahaha. It's hard to meet friends around my age.

Today, was the last register name for the PPKP dinner, and I just din't take any action. As the time passing by, I relieved. I don't have to choose anymore. By the way, just a point from my view, I think, even if it makes me tired, I might just happier joining the Taekwondo training than joining the dinner. Maybe the presence of some precious members that make me happy? I think so too. Hahaha. Even though, I just know them from last semester in those short period of time, I'm more comfortable being around them. 

There something come to my mind as I was trying to figure out which one should I join,

"I should do the one that make me happy the most, 
the place that I should be is the place where my heart want to be presence."