Sunday, 9 October 2016


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hai.

How are you? Fine. Thank you. hehehe

So this gonna be my short entry post. Its because I kind of lazy. Now, I am occupied with several subjects, Integrated Design Project, and Final Year Project. So, even when someone ask for my free time, I would say, 'Sorry, I'm busy.' Ok, that's a lie. Sorry, I lie. Don't be so serious bah. But sometimes, I really busy. Yes. So, its not totally a lie. It depends on the situation. I won't lie. Because I don't liars. Ok. Sometimes, I'm not busy but my mind is always busy. yes, that's right. Busy with the unrequited love, flashback memories, disappointments in life, happiness in life, success, failures, past, present, future, plan, anything. Hahahaha ok. behave.

So, let's see. I think it my best to write based on picture because I like pictures. Yes. Even when my friends went to holiday, all I ask is a picture. The most beautiful scene picture. It's beautiful. Have you ever feel happiness just by looking at beautiful pictures? have you? did you? I have. I did. hehehe
Date taken 5 May 2013. This my desk at home, kota belud.  

3 years ago. But recently, it doesn't appear as in the picture. Hahaha. This is when I was working as a cashier at GMART, KB. Trying to get a job with a diploma. Going through all the jobstreet web just to find a job vacancy. But who knows, I'm here now, at UniMAP in my final year, further study as product design engineering student. Well, I'm not that successful student, struggling to survive. hehehe. ok that 3 years ago..

Why talk about the past? Well, it's a part of my life, that shaped me today. 
I think I already did my best. It's okay. 
No need to blame anything.

*gambar si Haha juga la paling basar sana. hahaha*