Sunday, 25 January 2015

Solo Fly

It's been 11 years. 
Somehow, it's funny for the past feeling that change over time. 
I saw someone, one of my childhood friend.
I remember all of the memory as it were happen just yesterday.
From the beginning, the conflict, the smile, the tears, and then the end.
Then those scars cured.
Meeting new people everyday life.
Falling deep down again.
Wounded by words and acts again.
Cured again.
Then fall again.
Until it reached one point.
I'm chary of getting around people again.
I closed all the possible way.
Then, I lose friends.
Cold and fears inside.
Smile just a excuses to be okay.
And the hope that I'll be okay with that.
War inside.
Deciding to keep close or open life.
Got several people were hurt while trying to get into this life.
And I said,
Let them hurt and leave me now, than later.
After all, this life is solo fly.
You don't fly on your own,
then you fall down to the ground,
you can't depends on someone wings to fly up to the blue sky.
smile emoticon

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