Sunday, 4 May 2014

Daisuki Or Sayonara

To: Kang Maru

Daisuki / Sayonara,
I am between those two words,

I had closed my heart,
Then you came,
I start to lose balance,
You gain my curiosity and the interest on you,
I tried to kick you out of my heart,
Before you could become anything more than an interest,
But it seems useless for me,
You barely succes become Someone to me,
Unlooked it with your persistence jokes and smile,

This kind of feeling,
I just cant tell you,
But my eyes always do,
When I am with you,
My smile always bright from the heart,
My laugh even with the simple words from you,
Looking at you when you were not looking,
Walk away and turns back,
Wondering if you would look out for me,
Pretend not seeing you in the crowds,
Waiting you to call out my name,
Those game I play with you,
Once was a happiest memory of me and you,

It slowly turns into sadness,
It becomes the sad memory that flames with time,
At time when you assume me being with someone else,
My heart was twinge hardly,
It was so hurt,
I was going to tell that you that you were the one,
It was you,
It was you,
It was you,
But still it was my bad in words,
I dont know how to tell you,
Maybe, that made you misunderstood between me and that friend,
I hate myself for not being able to tell you,
You even pray for the happiness that never been existed,
I dont know why,
Even the talk broke me into pieces,
I bear it,
As long as you were talking to me.
As long as you were talking to me.
As long as I can talking to you.

Finally that day soon appear,
The day,
The last day,
You were there,
I thought,
As long as you were there,
I felt as you are waiting for me,
Even I dont even meet you,
I felt happy as we breath the same air,
Just happy by assume that we are standing on the same land,
But in the end,
I was just happy and sad by my assumption,
Just because I afraid to approach you,
Just afraid that if I told you,
I am not afraid you reject me,
Yes, I am sure of it,
I just afraid that you dont want to be friend of me.
And you'll make a distance,

Love in the friendzone,
If it is the only way that I could stay with you,
I could stay as a friend for you,
As long as I could reach you,
Even in a different ways.

But now,
I think it doesnt matter anymore,
You seems happy,
I dont know much,
But I do believe,
There is someone near to who is loving you,
Well, loving you more than I do,
Cheerful, kind-hearted, and wise as you do,
There will be someone who,
Be there for you when you need someone,
Stand by your side during your happy and sad time,
Tend to listen all that you want to talk about,
Support you when you feeling down,
Guide you when you feel lose,
Helps you calms your day,
I do wish be that one for you,
but its seems that,
Mine is far apart from that,
In fact,
I tend to hurt those who are close to me,
But the harddest part of this is leeting you go,
I hope someday,
I am able to let you go.

Just one,
If you already belong to someone,
Before this 5 years ends,
If only,
I hope I can forget you at that time,
While during the time that I going to forget you,
Dont appear at those moment,
Maybe I could waver for you once again.

4 May 2014

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