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One Day at Langkawi

24 April 2014
This was my first time at Langkawi. Its not a vacation. It was for Taekwondo MGTf tournament and was held at Langkawi on Thursday which made me escaped my Manufacturing Technology class at 2 pm - 4 pm. I went there with Tawfik, another co-curriculum Taekwondo UniMAP international member.

The fees is RM 24.00. I joined 2 event, pattern and sparring. I am in open category since I already 22 years old and currently my weight is 69 kg. Perghhh! Gaining 10+ kg after so long not participate in any tournament.

My First Game

This is my first game. I am that one wearing the blue guard. Got no intensive training, I just depend on my weekly co-curriculum training, every skill that I still remember from my past Taekwondo and Silat training, and tawakal to Allah. I realize that my stamina is weak, so I dont have high expectation on sparring. Since, I seen most of the participants are very aggressive and energetic even for a middle schooler. The most popular fouls done was punching the face or head. I was like, " You got to be kidding me?!". Honestly, I only target a medal for pattern. 

But then, I thought of the money that I asked from my mother and the permission from my father. Suddenly, it pop out in my head. I paid taxi RM 8 after divided with Tawfik, then RM 18 for ferry from jetty to Langkawi, RM 15 for taxi from the Langkawi jetty to the venue event, RM 25 for the 2 event fees, again RM 18 from Langkawi's jetty to back to Perlis, I forgot the van charge from the Langkawi Airport to the Langkawi Jetty. Almost costs me a RM100, just for the journey and tournament.  

Then, I decided to try my best to win the game after all the sacrifice that I had done. My first opponent was pretty good in sparring. She was agressive and that did scared me a bit because at the moment the referee starting the game, she moved directly toward to me. I felt that, among the game of sparring on that day, my sparring game was the most relax one. It was because I kept running around the mattres to catch up my breath. There was a time, I felt my leg was so heavy to lift but, SubhanAllah, that was so-not-like-me at all, because most of my experience, when I tired to lift up my leg, that would be the time that I thinking of giving up, I think Allah helps me to gather the strenght in me for the moment. I feel the strength in me to never give up until the last second of the game. Alhamdulillah, I won for my first game.

My Final game.

This was my second and final sparring game because we are Group C, only 7 people in a group, if I not mistaken lah. Oh ya! My nomber is 279. Again, I was wearing the blue guards. My opponent is quite taller than me and much more slim than me. I did feel a few punches on my face, but as I not very practically used to punch so I trust my kick more than my punch in Taekwondo. If in Silat Olahraga, it could be different I guess. Alhamdulillah, I won this final game. SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar. 

Honestly, I felt that I was alone there. It was because, during my most game, I could talked to someone about my feeling, and if I couldn't find someone to talk to. I did some confession to myself and other self-made motivation words. hehehe. But still, at the end, the Only One that I reached to is Allah. Forgive me, ya Allah, for reaching for You at the last moment.

My Pattern

Sorry, I might not upload my first pattern videos because the opponent that I had fighted, I won over her because she might forgot about the pattern. So, it was not worth it I guess, to show I was winning because of that. About the final pattern videos, it seems not recorded fully enough. It was recorded a few second for the starting then it goes off. Dont be so curious, I got silver on that pattern event. I perform the Hwa-rang Pattern.

Then, Sis Dhama, Sis Aini, and me, went back to Perlis on the evening. Kind of rush a little, but I also dont want to miss out my Mathematic Engineering class for the next moring which was on Friday. I know how it feels after miss one of the mathematic class. It feels horrible. Alhamdulillah, safe journey.

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