Saturday, 4 March 2017

Angau Story (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum Cintaa..

Hahahahak... asi ka intro begitu?? Lantak ar.. hahahaha

Starting from a few days ago, I'm having toothache due to my wisdom tooth. Despite all the pains, I received a lot of love and motivational words from my family and friends. Furthermore, I happen to meet my crush.. plural.. a few of them actually.. while several of them, are already belong to someone.. hahahaha, well, good for them.... anyways, yes, I met them either during my way to go to class, go to lunch, perform some event.. Things just happen that way, and I'm happy that I met them. hahaha

So, I'm coming soon to be 25 years old this year. Yet, I am single which also known as silent lover. However, I guess in this journey to 25 years old, I just let it go. Even, all these crush? Nothing so serious. After the 5 years of friendzone, moved on, I might just say, I not going to commit any crush on someone with seriously. Even I having a crush, I'm just go with the flow, because at the end, I know that, things would be end soon or later. So, just having fun with my life.

Somehow, when I starting to have crush on someone, unwanted the felt of jealousy is coming along. Lol hahaha. To end the jealousy thing, I need to stop having crush on him. So, that is the complexity in me. The safe way, I did was, just ignore. Even ignoring the facts that I like him. hahahaha.. Maybe this is why, I didn't say that I love him, because I'm not a lover. I just a girl who like people randomly.

To be continue...

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