Monday, 2 June 2014

Struggling Down (FBstatus)

"I dont know. Felt everything struggle to bring me down to the worst. Who do you think would give up for their fyp? But their enthusiasme succesfully keep me on the track to push the work until the limit. Miss my fyp member.. T.T 

This afternoon. Yes, still got time i think. Start where I had been stop. If it cant be done on time, I shall let this one be my very unforgetable memory. Just think of " Only the strong mind and enthusiasme can win the game.".


I really felt down this time. It's my second tears drops in my second semester here. Even the first semester already got my tears down.And the reasons are still the same. Group, teamwork, commitment. Aigoo. I can't be strong pusher all the time. It does not only stress them, but this also stress me out to be a pusher. Ah! jeongmal, pichasoo! 

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