Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It's 26 June Right?

Its 26 June 2014 right? Actually, I didn't sleep yet. During the dawn, I just finished watching The Heirs, it's a Korean Drama which some friends recommended me to watch because of the actor and actress, school love story, and the conflict isn't so difficult to be solved.

The Heirs, 20 episode and the subtitle was remixed. Some was in Malay, Indonesia, English, and also no subtitle on the episode 14.The hero is Lee Min Ho, which I started to like him when he act in City Hunter. Even the first drama I saw him was the Boys Over Flower, I didn't attracted to him because I don't like his character in that drama. 

Well, in this The Heirs drama, I love the Choi Young Do character after he met Cha Eun Sang. Then, Chan Young also. They remind me of someone. Someone who so far from me even right now. I see a part of me in Young Do's character. The drama's songs are pretty awesome. Listen to each song, make the memories appear slowly. I doubt whether some falling tears were caused by the scene or my memories instead.

Aigoo, I'm sleepy. Suddenly, I started to do some cleaning, and packing my stuff more properly even today is my last qadha fasting. Well tomorrow is a big day. My flight is at 4.40 pm. Yet, I need to buy the bus ticket at 9.00 am from Kangar to Penang. Insya-Allah. I think I got to sleep now and wake up at 2.00 pm. Let me get some sleep. Assalamualaikum.

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