Friday, 9 December 2011

Hey, Boy!

Assalamualaikum. . .(^_^)v

I Was so happy with u, even I'm Sad while i saw u then, I quickly smile as usual. I was not able to do anything for u, the only best thing I can do is never ever try to make u sad or hurt u feelings somewhere and wish u were more happy be with me. Even though, u don't know that I'm doing this only for u. From the other side of view, it is only an usual effort of a friend to make the other friends laugh and happy to hang out with.

Special to the shy and unique boy. I'll have my eyes on u when i see u.hehehe

Note: wish u know that u're really mean to me. Don't give up easily, I will not always be there for u but I'm looking forward so that we can be more caring to each other in the future. Trust on me so I can put my trust on u.

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