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My 19 October 2014

Assalamualaikum W.B.T / Annyeonghaseyo.

My second sister just called me at 9.35 am which wake me up from sleeping. She expect me going home this mid semester break, because my young brother and her are coming home for this mid semester break. I told her that I didn't going back to Sabah for this mid semester break. I didn't even open the air asia web page to look up for ticket. I decided to going back at the end of this semester, Insya-Allah.

So, I wake up, went to the living room with my laptop. Here I go again.
This time, was my exactly Catia Assignment. 4 Figures need to draw.

Question 1: Figure T6.5
As I saw straight line and rectangle shape, one word came out on my mind 'OFFSET'!
This will be a lot of offset line.
One of my lecturer commented as he saw my drawing progress,
"Banyaknya line Amal."
and I just smile without looking back. 
I'm just too immersed into this. 
Step 1.
Let's start with the Sketcher.
I choose black color for the background with grid line. 

Step 2.
→Starting with select the zx plane one the specification tree then click 'Sketcher' icon.
[I'm not familiar with constructing line according to Vertical and Horizontal point s drawing, so actually I start with drawing a rectangle shape and offset those line until I got the intersection line. ]
→Remove all the aid lines so it will be looks like this.

Step 3.
→Got the zx plane view shape, click 'Exit Workbench' icon.
→Click the zx plane (the Sketch.1).
→Click 'Pad' icon until 'Pad Definition' pop up.
→Type: Dimension.
→Length : 42 mm
→Selection : Sketch.1
→Click 'Preview' then 'OK'.

Step 4.
→After pad operation, it will appear like this.
→Don't confuse with the 3 stripe white color, it because I forgot to turn of the lighting effect.
→So, I select the yz pad plane as shown in figure below then click 'Sketcher' icon.

Step 5.
→Entering sketcher, the plane will faced like this.
→By using aids from the offset lines, I drew the rectangle shape [red line].
→Click 'Exit workbench' icon.

Step 6.
→Click the 'Pocket' icon until the 'Pocket Definition' table pop up.
→Type: Dimension
→Depth: 10mm
→Selection: Sketch.2
→Click 'OK'.

Step 7.
→Repeat Step 4, 5, and 6 at the other side.
[Mr. Fendi had thought me how to do the mirror by using a plane, 
but suddenly, I forgot already the actual steps, so I just do it like this. If anyone have a better way to do this, I gladly appreciate it. =) ]
→Select the pad plane as shown below and click 'Sketcher' icon.

Step 8.
→Entering the sketcher, it may faced like this.
→The yellow lines are Offset line just find the middle.
→I drew the circle at the center with diameter of 10 mm.
[Oh ya! I'm not really sure about this, but as shown at the question. It stated that 'Through Hole 20 Diameter. Maybe it should be done by 'Hole' method, but yeah, I not quite sure how it works, so I just used 'Pocket' method.] So, this is how it looks after the pocket operation.

Step 9.
I just want to view this with another option,
so I select the 'Shading with edges and hidden edges' view. 
It's clearly show us the hidden drawing.

Step 10.(Extra but not so important) =D
→ Color: Red and white.
→Lighting: On
→ Just another classy finishing kunun. Ha3. Chill bro.

Xie Xie


Arigato Gozaimasu


Terima Kasih

Thank You

 for reading and judging? perhaps? hehehe


p/s: Have any suggestion? Just drop your comment below. I might consider it with calm and passion. Kunun. hehehe

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