Saturday, 23 August 2014

It's My Semester Break (1st Year, 2nd Semester)

I ended my last final exam paper on 14th June 2014, which was also my mother anniversary birthday. Then, I stayed at Kolej Kediaman Wang Ulu, UniMAP untill 27 June 2014. Why wasting time staying when I have the chance to go home earlier than anyone else? The only reason I stayed was the UniMAP partnership program with Western Digital. I was listed on the list to apply the program, but then my roomate and friend said that there would be second elimination from 800 to 250 student. 

Believe or not, I only know that I was confirmed to be selected as one of the 250 student the program a day before my flight back to Sabah. My flight was on 27th June 2014. Before that, I already asked several time but there was no response. The last thing I did was a phone call. I call the cic office to figure out about the WD, but unfortunately my level of confidence to stay longer for the partnership program was drop down because the answer given was really not convincing me at all. But I appreciate that, at least the conversation was nice.

27 June 2014. I returned Eiyra, Syera, and my key to the office. I was in hurry at that time because there are some unsettle things that need to be done, but the staff who in-charge for the returned key was sitting in front of the counter and still checking her phone. The "Miss, I already finish filling and signed this, could you please hurry up?" almost spilled out from my mouth, but I hold it back. That was really testing me level of patience. huh.

My bus left Kangar at 9.05 am off to Butterworth. It took almost 3 hours of journey. I sat with my friend Vanin. We shared story almost about the life we had in Perlis, one week of holiday, part time job. After that, a girl name Mira, asking if I went back to Kota Kinabalu (KK), I said yes. Seems she also a Sabahan. She offered to share the taxi together for saving cost. As we arrived at Butterworth, another girl show up from the back, she is Nabila, I had been talked to her while we sat at the same row in the UniMAP bus. Yes, she Sabahan too. At the end, I have 2 friends with me in this flight. It feels nice to have friend along the journey back home. 

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