Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Meaningful Quote In My life (1)

" Always help someone. 
You might the only one does."

He is the type of person who treats people around him nicely and fun.


For me,
He was the one among them who being nice to me while the others don't,

Since the day,
I carried out my duty,
I never step out away from my own world.

Knowing him,
Being around him,
Feels like,
He hold my hand,
Slowly stepping out from my own world,
To learn everything around me,
To gain something,
He show me the way to adapt in new situation in different way.
And I thanked him because of that,
Even I never tell this to him.

I already fall for him,
without me noticing this myself.

Writing about him again.
But with a little less feeling.

"Sila kuat."

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