Thursday, 24 January 2013

Baju Kerja G*mart

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. . . 

Akhirnya, baju kerja G*mart yang aku tunggu-tunggu selama ini telah pun selamat tiba ke G*mart Kota Belud. Alhamdulillah. . .

My Official Work's clothes
Dua pasang baju untuk staff junior macam aku ni manakala 1 pasang untuk staff senior. To be sure, these cloths were not given free because we should pay it by deduct the amount value on our salary. Apa pun, kira oklah tu.

I was thinking to get my name written on this cloth but then, the money also will be needed to make it happen, so the idea was postpone. Hehe, later lah. First, I've got to pay for the loss of master card then I will think about my glamorous name on my G*mart's shirt. wahh~ Nak diva sangat!

But 1 thing that being a trouble to my mind, the size of this shirt is 'S' which mean small because that size was the only left on the HR store. Well generally, I suppose to wear shirt that would be in 'M' size. It's more comfortable for me, well I'm just too cute to wear S size. Bak kata kengkawan: "Genduu~t" hehehe. Or should I lose some weight just only to fit in this small size? Size doesn't matter? pergh~!

Then, the new rules pop ups! Just like that! ^_^" . Speechless~

I should started looking out for shirt red in color as preparation for working on Chinese New Year. 
Ahh~ tunggu gaji lah.

#Jangan gelak! Senyum takpe~ heheh

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