Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Si Kucing

Assalamualaikum and Hi . . .

First of all, I am not a cat lover but not a hater either. 
Compared to my 2 young sister, they do love cats as their pets. 

So here is the story, 

Once upon a time, there was a cat, just called him Si Kucing, which doesn't belong to us. However, he always come to our house seeking for food. My father told us to give him the left over food especially fish because fish is our routine dish (more cheaper than chicken). Since then, he always come to our house and become more tame. 

One day, there was no left over. He keeps "meow~ meow~ meow~" and when we went to the kicthen just to drink, he keeps running between our step, there was a time, I almost fell on the floor (almost~). Honestly, it's kind of annoying. 

So, I brought the cat food. Whiskas brand it cost me RM 3.90 last year. Well this year, the price was increased to RM 4.10 at G*mart. However, I found a place where I can buy it at lower price, RM 3.30 aje. Jelas sekali di Gui Brothers. Jimat kewangan aku . . hehe

This naughty cat, always want a spotlight of attention. cis! 

Si Kucing
Tengah syok buat keja, dia syok juga nak lepak atas buku aku. Amboi, santai sangat lah tuh. 

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