Saturday, 15 June 2013

14 June 2013 [ Cashier ]

Assalamualaikum W.B.T
Annyeonghaseyo & Konbanwa.

Friday Morning.
14 June 2013! Its my mother birthday and a special event that happen on this date too. Hehe. This was a second day of my mother went to attend a course. So, it was just my father, my young brother, my young sister and me. I connected my phone to the speaker so that when the alarm was on it would like a bombastic sound in my room. I woke up at 6.00 am. Even though the bed seems like don't want be a part from me. Hardly, I forced myself to get up. Woke up Ofu and Wena. It almost 7.00 am, I drove my mother car to S.M.K Pekan II to send Ofu, then off to S.K. Timbang Dayang to sent Wena. As I didn't had the time to cook for their breakfast, just give them RM 3.00 each. Sorry la, Hehe.

Shift Afternoon
Luckily, my shift was afternoon. So, I had enough time to prepare to go to work. As soon as arrived, my ID already open at counter 3. Kak Marcyella's shift was ME so the training session would be continued later. Nearly to 2 pm, suddenly Kak Marcyella told me that I had to bank in the money to the bank with kak Nonong and the Manager. Uh! I was only went bank in with them once and I'm just watching how they do it. How am I supposed to do all by myself? However, thankfully kak Marcyella briefing me briefly about what I must do. 

While I was writing all the important clue by kak Marcyella, someone in a blue shirt came appeared right in front of me at the counter. Ah, its him, Fauzan. Long time no see you friend. Seems like he is much thin than before. I asked him whether he still work at KFC and also about upu. Well, at least we wait for the same reason. Upu result. The conversation end there. Then, I tried to imagine what I am supposed to do next. So far Alhamdulillah, the money was bank in successfully.

4.00 pm, I brought my 'dinner' at Pasar Besar and some meat at Restoran Kota Raya. Ate with some colleagues from other department too like kak Amalina, kak Naria, Yo, and the other were just listening, I guest? hehe. We chatting about the female and male role in Kota Belud life. Some shocking stories turned up. Notice that one of my friend isn't in a good mood. I'm curious about what happen but I didn't dare to ask him. Well, this life isn't it. Sometimes, it won't let us do freely without think about the effect later,

Check In Duty
Early 7.00 pm, my colleague had a problem with an old lady with her friend. It was just a misunderstanding. I was going to interfere but I didn't know anything so I just do my job while hearing them talking. She handled it and explain to the old lady even the old lady was still want to stand up right to her words. Pehw~ I don't think I can face it bravely like my colleague did.

What a working day. Alhamdulillah, new info and experience gained.

Doomo Arigatoo. Sayonara.

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