Friday, 14 June 2013

A gift From Taiko

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Annyeonghaseyo & Konbanwa

He Is My Taiko
I wonder what would he responds if he reading this post. Hehe. Well, this is one of my old stories. Taiko was 2 years older than me and a senior of me in RP club. He was there when I was interviewed by kak  Mas and kak lina. 

As I was active in taekwondo GTF training, he joined it too. So, we joke with our fist and kicking. I'm more comfortable with it rather than joking using words. Ntah, Unique, isn't it? Then, while in semester 3, I became his assistant in Biro Pengurusan Disiplin. It's kind of responsible duty. Yes, we did fought a lot. Sometimes, I felt like I'm the only one who do all the work related to failing document. Yet, he proved my perspective wrong. He did impressed me while he show me the report discipline for a month. Somehow, he had thought me a lot kind of things only through his order.

A good listener?
Yes, he is. There was a time, when I got no one to reach out to hear my untold story. I was walking slowly on the roadway at Poli with the misery. Look all the number in the phone. I just don't have the gut to call anyone until I saw his number. As usual he talk as I was there with him. There is no 'awkward' feeling inside me. Unexpectedly, I almost told him all about the problem I had been through. Want to cry as much as I can. But I can't cry. Just can't cry. That was what I felt. I was trying to hold back it all. Surprisingly, he was there, tend to listen about all what I'd saying and give me some advice with his own way. Alhamdulillah, its help a lot.

The Gift


Siap bukakan laci lagi...

Once, he told me to keep the paper bag inside my locker. It contain a small rectangular box wrapped by a nice wrapping paper. It was his gift on his last Dinner RP while I was in practical. So, I keep the bag for a long period of time. Even, sometimes it takes space when I need to use all the space for my stuff, I don't even thinking to throw it away as I expect he would come and take it away with him.

One day, he came to the library and I remind him about the gift. Suddenly, he gave it to me. He said some words. But, ah! Doesn't matter. Thank you Taiko. Cakap jak la kalau mau bagi bah. kunun.. hehehe

Taiko sia bah tu.

To The Taiko: Lek ko bosku, lama sudah ba aku nda dengar kabarmu study sana, pa kabar ko taiko? hehehe

Oyasuminasai, Mata Ashita.

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