Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Gmart Colleague's Wedding

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.
Annyeonghaseyo & Ohaiyoo Gozaimasu

9 June 2013

Unfortunately, my shift was afternoon meanwhile those of my colleagues were planned to go together at rest time and after finish work at 5 pm. I woke up around 8.++ am. Get up from the bed around of 9.00 am and continue laying on sofa that faced in front of the television. While watching my favourite korean drama rated 3 star "You're Still The One", I still deciding whether go to the wedding or not. [Felt the laziness inside me].

Some of the reason that almost stop me:

  • I don't have friend to go to the wedding.
  • I don't know where the wedding will be held, all I know about is about the sign on the round about and at Kg. Sembirai.
  • I don't close enough with my colleague.
  • I don't know what to do when it comes about attending a wedding especially about the tradition.
  • And so much more of excuses. hehehe
But then, I try to think some good reason to make it worth to make it to go to the wedding. Here some the reason :-
  • Since when I need a companion when I decided to do something. All the time, I just do as I please to do so with or without a companion. [ehem, ye ke. hehe]
  • It's a wedding! So, there must be a sign to go to where the wedding was held. I'm right?
  • Even we didn't close enough, isn't this the time to built the closeness relationship?
  • I don't really attending much wedding as a guest but as a helper. So, this time I think I need to learn how to be a guest on a wedding. I remember what my father always do when he went to attend a wedding ceremony. He will find an envelope and put some money inside it.
  • The last but not least, I would assume this as a step for me to improve my Socia-Ability. [kunun]
After determined to go to the wedding, I rushed looking for an envelope and all I found is the simple chocolate color of envelope and other one is white with the blue strip as it's frame. 
My first envelope for the bride.

 As the clock is ticking, I get on my way to Kg Sembirai at 11.00 am by my darling motorcycle. Somehow, I got lost because I didn't see the most important sign which show the main way to Kak Ika House. Again with a little of courage inside me, I parked a while my motorcycle on the side road and asking the villagers about the wedding.

The last and main sign show direct to the wedding.
I parked my motorcycle beside the Surau. I walked slowly toward the main gate of the house, felt a little bit of unconfident as I nearly to it. Suddenly, I saw YB Salleh was there and he was talking with some guest there. "Aih, How am I gonna come in?". I waited for some female guest and successfully in. After I got in, another cloudy movement happen there. I not sure whether Just go direct to the food served or going to see the bride first. I sat down for a few minutes then I saw Kak Nonong, Kak Nitts and some other executives with the gift that brought by the collected RM3 form each staff including me. hehe. Anticipated, I gone to the front gate, to get along with them. 

Done eating, we went up to see the bride kak Ika. She was make up by the 'Mak andam'. I can see how much the pink colour mean to kak ika. Almost 90% of her room are in pink colour.  I'm impressed! 

Pelamin Kak Ika
It's almost 12.00 pm, got 30 minutes to get ready for work. Although I was sweating much because of the whether and being in crowd people. I felt it's worth. This is my first time attending a colleague wedding by myself without following family invitation blindly. Just another step to be independent life.

*Jaa soro-soro shitsuree-shimasu~

That's all for now, Sayonara~ d^.^b

*Well, I must be going.

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