Thursday, 27 February 2014

To My Partner (Self Ice Breaking)

To: My partner.(teda fb pula)

Everytime we try to be new or starting a new goal, there something can bring us down, problems! Problem leads to excuses, but challenges, either face it or leave it. So, Problem changes to be a new challenge. Where come from all this? Ah... just read a book of motivation.. hehehe.

So honestly, I dont know anything about you and I was worried about how we are gonna work as a team before but I think, I must take this opportunity together with you as a challenge for myself. Besides, I wonder how long am I gonna leave my comfort zone while doing a group task with my comfortable members. while someday, I know that, there will be a time like this appear soon or later. If this is all about those prizes, I dont have the urge to aim those except only to do and finish this task completely. All the things that I want from you is your commitment, and talking about creative and innovative ideas, I could be placed at the last rank of the world even I'd gone through all those kind of technical subject and practical, sorry for the lacking piece of me. I hope we can face all those obstacle in this task, support each other, and have a great teamwork together. Sa that's all as for my ice breaking.. Thanks.

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