Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Plain Holiday (Up until 23 July 2014)

My Sleeping Habit
As my sleeping habit is changed since my final exam ended on 14 June 2014, there was sometime I tried to change it back to normal but I guess I should work up my body to be completely exhausted and then sleep at night like everybody do. But, I don't feel to do workout because I still sweating even I was sitting without fan. So, I am awake at night then goes to sleep at 8 am up until to 1 pm and almost up to 4 pm and 5 pm. I know that is makruh to be sleeping all day long. Then, I make some change, I'll sleep at 11 am or 1 pm and wake up around 5 or 6 pm. 

My Activities In My Holiday?
→ Watching Running Man
During my study week, I tend to watch some running man episode to cheer me up because at that time I was really have no mood to study. Actually, I start to watch it a week before to study week, it was a few days before the mini project presentation. I was really not in the mood, it was because of my mini project presentation and all of it. I was relief that I gained the courage to continue the abandoned project and present my presentation to the end. So, maybe I was used to watch running man for a few weeks then I kept that habit up today. But then, I noticed that I lose a large percent of interest in Running Man recently. I realized that, I become not so interested watching it if Haha part was edited out or he has limited appearance on the show. 

→Other Korea Reality Tv Show
Losing some interest on Running Man doesn't mean that I lose interest completely on Korea reality tv show. Recently, I watched Happy Together, Law Of The Jungle, Roommate and Hello Counselor on television. Meanwhile, I also watching Gag Concert on the youtube. I think that I'm more to Roommate, well not too much, I just watched it's episode 1 and 2 through the youtube. I don't know what Roommate aired recently on the television, but I decided to watch them from the first episode. That would be much better to follow their story from the beginning. Up until episode 2 of Roomate, I think I like Park Min woo appearance and Park Chan-yeol voice of talking. I'm not a fan of Lee Dong-Wook, but watching him in the episode 2, I feel something interesting about him. I guess I'll may turn to be attracted to him, I guess. 

→Cookies for Hari Raya
My second young sister, Puen, was very excited to bake variety of cookies and cakes for the Hari Raya. She doing research for recipes and including some videos of baking cookies even though my mother already research about the cookies that are going to be baked. I just let them be, I only help them by shaping the Dow into the specific shape. The first was 'Batang Buruk'. That's is my favorite cookies hehehe. Then 'Tart Nenas'. Followed up by 'Kuih Makmur'. Of course, I just help them by shaping the cookies, not more than that. It just my mother and my young sister that discussed about the ingredients, I will wait them to make the dow and them help out when the dow was finish. 

→My Result
21 July 2014, the day my exam result was announced. It's weird because I easily log in and checked my result while usually the line would be lagging. Yeah, as I predicted! The one and only. The first subject I failed. I should starting learn the subject in this holiday. I don't think I can but I will give it a try. I should try. yes, I should try my best. That was one subject, but then I saw the two subject that I thought I could get at least B or B-. It was really a disappointment. That one subject was really, entahlah. Maybe after this, I should done my assignment better and earlier, submit it to those lectures and ask them, what more need to edited so that they will give good grade for the efforts. My first carry subject. Hm..

→My Sketch Paper
Seems like I was out of idea. I'm being too picky on deciding what object to draw. Limiting my self on my own. Apart from that, I might go out to Pekan Kota Belud to buy some A4 (80gsm) rim paper.

→Someone In Mind (S.I.M)
Lately, I had download some song, most of them was Haha song and other English love song. He still appear on my mind while I listen to those song but not as much as like old days. Sometimes, I just enjoy the song as it's more to explain my self in the song. There are times that I want to write all about inside to him read them I barely stop doing that, as I really want to let him go properly this time. It because I already said the goodbye first so I shouldn't break it again and again. For now, I just thinking how I felt and react if suddenly I get his wedding invitation. Well, he is far away from me and I don't know how has he been. It possible that he meet someone else there, so do I, maybe I meet someone around me too. If that the case maybe, I came to his wedding and I just gonna be single to my old age if I don't have someone that I think could love and care to me as who I am. Kunun lah Hahaha.

→Addicted to Game
Kak Yui introduced this game to me years ago, if I not mistaken. Boomz. Before this, I was playing the Gaia, but sometimes, I felt kind of bored and don't know what to do, then I remember this game. It was fun, indeed. But I still don't understand the game properly, just know as a beginner.

→Several Thoughts
►It's Hari Raya coming up soon, but I don't have and place to visit. Some friends were not very familiar and some of them were very far need to drive but I'm not sure if I have the chance to use the motorcycle to go visiting them. If that the case, then this year will be just like last year. I will be just serving the foods and there is nothing to be expect will happen. Hm...Maybe I will just go out for a day, and taking some picture around the Kota Belud area. That's sounds fun.

►I saw him online. I might sound pathetic because I still expecting that he will send message and start the conversation first. I don't want to be the first one to send him message.  Hm, Ok stop right here. I think I just gonna empty 'this' out as I done before. Before he came and fulfilled it with those unforgettable memories. I might being a stranger to my self again, but I think I will accept that slowly. I'm not a broken heart person, it's just unrequited and one-sided love which I think is fading as the time goes by.  

► I need some guide to make a paper work, because I dreamed to held a Taekwon-do Tournament for our UniMAP Taekwon-do GTF club. I don't have enough experience handling a tournament or competition paper work. I heard that, it would be hard to get the budget approved. Hm, that quite unknown level of challenge. Should I do or not?



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