Friday, 11 July 2014

My Sketch Paper 004

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful

Square in Perspective

I was trying to make a good pose for every square and rectangle, but this only I can do. From what I learn from the past there are 2 type of view; bird view and worm view. 

  • Bird View is a view from the top of the object.
  • Worm view is a view from below of the object.

It would be drew in more organised view, but for now, I just make this in simple form. Perspective drawing is a topic that I learn in engineering drawing, not quite sure whether in form 4 or form 5. But it doesn't matter because all of it are tested for the SPM examination.

While in product design, we were given three objects that located at the center of the class which need to be drew from our perspective. So, that would be advance step of drawing based on perspective. For the first start in learning perspective, it is better drawing using by a set of ruler. 

Start from basic. For more info, do some research about it, by simply type 'drawing perspective for beginners' on youtube. That would be a good start. I'm still learning about it because I find it difficult to draw object in perspective by freehand instead of using sets of ruler.

I got so much need to be learn. . .

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