Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Sketch Paper 001

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful

Straight Line

Our first lesson in Product Design course thought by Mr. Badrul was drawing straight line. 

What? Seriously sir? Straight line only? Ah~ piece of cake (easy), I thought that was an easy task. 

At first he allowed us to do several square or rectangle using rules. Then starting to draw the straight line. After we done the first page, he asked us to do the same straight line but this time without the square or rectangular guide. We need to draw the straight line at the same time make sure it form a square or rectangular shape. He added rules, No eraser, Draw the straight line in One-go. 

Then, my first try was not that great enough. T_T

Equipment needed:
  • Pen or pencil
    • It is up to you, to use any kind of pen or pencil. I'm not including any tips about the line thickness in this post because I also not quite sure the exactly type of them. Just a bit of knowledge, enough for my own drawing.
  • A4 Paper
    • Normally, a white blank paper. Using such examination pad won't do because I might get distracted with the line on the paper.
  • Ruler
    • I might used a ruler to draw the square or rectangle as a guide for drawing the straight line in a tidy box shape.
  • Eraser
    • As this for my own practice, I may used eraser to erase some part that I spoiled, but since I used pen, that wouldn't do, right? hehe

Pattern of straight line
The picture above was drew by me on 4 July 2014. As you can see, some of them are not straight enough to be call straight line. But as I doing this, several thought appear at the moment:
  • Imagine I was drawing a product thickness or shape.
  • It is all right if I fail to draw straight line for the first time, later on, I can compare how much I had improved.
  • Never be afraid to use any tactics to produce a straight line such as:
    • Set the right angle for my hands while drawing.
    • Rotate the paper while drawing some angle of straight line.
    • and other. . . 
  • I must focus while drawing the straight line.
    • There was a moment, I lost my focus while drawing these straight line, then I notice it affect the line straightness.

Our lecturer keep saying that everyone can draw. They only need to practice. They need to get to used with imagine the object, send the signal from the brain to the hand, then the hand would produce it based on the signal given by the brain. 

So, keep learning and practice Ms. Haha... Hwaiting.

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