Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Sketch Paper (Intro)

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

I guess this would be the introduction for my own mini project. 
Yes, my own mini project fro myself. (Just full of myself only)*sigh~


     Drawing. My father and my mother were used to draw and paint something related to scenery, animal, and flowers when I was young. I thought I was also has the same skill as them, so I tried some painting but unexpectedly I was not that great. So, I think I can't draw anything. 

     However, as I was in form 3 at SMK(A) Tun Said, I got interested in Engineering Drawing. That when I was affected by my two senior roommates as they always stayed up in front of the door for the corridor light near to my bed. So, I look at them doing their technical drawing so diligently until I fell asleep. As I got into the technical science class, Lukisan Kejuruteraan (LK) = Engineering Drawing has become my most favorite subject. Even though, my first result for LK was 22, for the first time I don't want to give up in learning and I felt being challenged to score the subject because of my LK's teacher, Cikgu Sahrul, said that he encouraged female student to drop the LK and took Teknologi Kejuruteraan (TK) instead because of the school changed the limit subject to be taken for SPM to 12 subject only. So, from 13 subject, we need to drop 1 subject, as for the technical science student. I understand why cikgu Sahrul did that because most of female student couldn't catch up with the learning progress and that might affect their SPM result. It's far more different with the male student, they were just fine with it. At that time, I set my mindset to be a Lukisan Kejuruteraan's teacher. With that mindset, my leisure time was filled by practicing drawing technical drawing at the hostel. Even with the repetition of practice, I still got problem with tangent, I guess that my weak point in engineering drawing. At the end, I got A1 for my LK subject. Yes, only that one A of my two A. But, I feel good enough with the result. 

     In order to pursue my dream to be an engineering drawing teacher, I filled my first choice in politeknik application with Diploma Kejuruteraan Awam, and second was Diploma Teknologi Pembuatan (I refer my LK's teacher academic background). I don't have anyone that I can ask about making my choice, well actually if I was being wise, I should ask my teacher himself about the diploma that I was going to chose. My teachers who took Diploma Teknologi Pembuatan were cikgu Sahrul and cikgu Norwati. However, I was afraid and I was not that friendly to any teacher. I just go with the choice with doing any research ( I was only 16 years old at 2009! ah, excuses! hehehe). The result came out, I got Diploma Teknologi Pembuatan ( Mechanical). There was only a few subject that related to drawing as I remember during my 3 years as DTP student. Those subject was Autocad 2004 and Tool Design. Apart from those, I felt loss my way to be a LK's teacher. A day in my semester 5 at Politeknik Kota Kinabalu, I was so frust and as I remember that was my very bad day. I started to think if DTP was a good choice for me. All the subject at that semester was killer subjects. Theory and Calculation that I can't catch up during classes. 

     I was walking alone at the walkway near to the Dewan Serbaguna during the evening. I really need someone to talk at that time. I search my friends number through my phone, and I end up calling my RP's discipline chief. He not even my close friends and was a serious and sarcastic person, well, almost of the time. Then we always fighting with each other but sometimes we were just fine working together, and he and I were in Taekwondo club together. He already graduated from poly and was working at that time. I don't know why I called and trusted him to tell my misery thought, maybe because I already been working with him in the RP club made me easier to approach him. Unexpectedly, he doesn't seems like the person that I been working during those past semester, he gave me a good advice and since that I building up myself again to brave enough to face the semester challenge. That was a story when I was swayed out due to the hard challenge being a DTP student at politeknik kk.  Alhamdulillah, I passed my diploma.

     As I told before, there were only a few subject that can relate me to drawing or design. I work as a supermarket cashier for a year and a half before my application for upu degree was announced. Being a Diploma Teknologi Pembuatan's student, I am being too far way for any drawing or sketching matter. I had been through the unknown diploma world, as for degree, I being a little bit more specific. Doing some research about the degree that I'm going to chose. I choose product design degree  because after all, it's in manufacturing course also. My father insisted me to choose educational degree or stay with the manufacturing degree course. At that time, upu doesn't offer many educational degree program related to manufacturing, so I don't have many choice. At the end, I got offer at UniMAP, with the product design degree. I felt like I was coming back on the right line track.

     How it's been a product design engineering student? Well, I just passed my first year as a student after leaving the student world for a year and a half. A half of the year, I faced my weakness in calculation again. I took the Engineering Drawing subject, as I want to relearn all the things that I have been forgotten. I admit that, I lost memory all about study, so I felt like I never learn some of them, while some of them I did learned but I only had very poor memory, and some of them were just VERY NEW to me. Going through the first semester, I met this subject, Product Design. Now we talking about my main reason of my mini project " My Sketch Paper". This subject, requires student to sketch design by freehand. Again, facing my old chillhood weakness. I can draw technical drawing more confident with rules and T-square, but NOT freehand. The Product Design subject's lecture are Mr. Badrul and Mr. Bakri.

     We were given sketchbook, sketchpad, and other stationary that function to help in sketching, drawing, and painting. The sketchbook and sketchpad would be submitted at the end of the semester for our assessment mark. Luckily, there is no final exam for this subject. All we need is sketching and sketching. Oh ya, not to forget, a mini project with the clock theme. That part, hmmm, aaaa, if I have time, I will write a post about it, or maybe not. Depends lah. 

So ok lah. Ok lah, looks like some part of this introduction is out of the plan 
but I'll let it be as it is. So let's begin. . . . 

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Foolish grammatical errors? Feel free to comment. (^^,)

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