Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Dream of Short Journey

The Dream of Short Journey
I dreamed about someone. It's weird because I already knew that he belongs to someone, but at first in that dream, I never knew. I was so happy just to see and stay next to him along the short journey. I don't remember what we were talking about, but the conversation was smooth and just nice. I look out through the window, watching the blue sky, while he then drove quietly. Everything felt happen in just a second moment. We arrived, then his girl was waiting there. I just went out of the car. He came to his sweet waiting girl. He don't even say a word or take a look at me. I just watched them behind the car. Then, I realized that I was no one in his life. Just none.

It's true that I dreamed of someone that I know in my real life but in reality, my feeling for him isn't that way. He is the person that I liked and respect because of his charismatic of speech. That deep feeling should be on someone else, the one that I should be forgotten at the moment, but I don't have any idea that this person became in that character in my dream. 

I just felt that, this dream was an analogy of what happen in my life, not calculating who were the characters. It left the unseen pain and the bitterness inside me when my last view in the dream, watching them happy together for the far distance. Actually, I can relate something with that scene.I just let go them without trying to make them stay. I just don't think it's worth to be hurt because of holding on someone else.

But it doesn't bring so much different. . . 

I stop from being to much happy,
I left even I really want to stay,
I looked away even I want to see you all day long,
but at the end,
I'm still hurt inside.

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