Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Plain Holiday

It's holiday, meet less people than before, spending time mostly with sleeping and stay at home, watching movies + drama + reality tv show, that routine tastes plain life, a bit more peaceful, calm zone. Sometimes, i can count how may words I speak for a day, except for writing something. If someone ask about my holiday, at the moment, I would say, its cool. It's life. Anything could make you happy, calm, laugh, sad, angry, stress, lazy, in so much different ways. 

Once my mom told me, 

" Amal, (please) move around, otherwise you'll have a high blood pressure!!!"

Seems like I have different definition of holiday at this moment. I prefer just sitting facing my laptop with doing some frivolous stuff on my youngest sister's table rather than sweating moving around. pffttt~~~

Just Plain

Holiday! oh my Holiday.

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