Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Dawn Memories

Sometimes, it's better remain being just friends. and maybe this is the time. 
You and I but never been Us. 
It just goes along the same way but never be one. 
Still giving myself a time to let go all the love-hate memories.
During the period of time, I tried step by step.
I was thinking the critical step, 
by blocking all the way that I could possible reach you.
Somehow, I afraid I will be more into you.

So if only, someday.
If I have the courage to do that,
You might not see me in your friend list anymore.
It's not that I hate you or something cruel like that.
I just want to stop everything that reminds me of you.
But I guess the memories wont fade away, 
so let that the only one remains with me.
Please don't misunderstand my action.
If we meet again which i think that is impossible,
There are so much things that I want to say to you,
to tell how precious you are to me
and those things that I think,
changed me after I met you.

I think I'm in your friend zone anyways,
I think I can be that kind of friend but after 5 years lah kot. XD
So, as a start being your just ordinary friend,
some advice from me,
Don't treat someone different from the others unless she really special to you,
She could be misunderstand by your action,
Don't be too caring or don't show it too much even you really care,
Don't let her fall for you if you didn't want to catch her.
Don't smile carelessly in front of people.
So that all,
maybe some from this 'friend'.
Just be happy, will ya?

The guy who tried wake me up during the dawn when I was sleeping on the bench.

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